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Retail Case Study: Deeley Harley​-Davidson


As the exclusive distributor of Harley-Davidson in Canada, Deeley Harley-Davidson operates a chain of 75 retailers that has been selling Harley-Davidson motorcycles for 35 years.


With a mandate to grow the business, especially among women and younger riders, company marketers believed that better consumer intelligence would help the company’s 75 retailers grow sales in their communities. But what messages and approaches would resonate with potential customers and how could the company use its existing customer database to help local retailers to sell more bikes?


Using the company’s database of 250,000 customers and prospects, EA analysts sorted all the names at the postal code level into one of 66 PRIZM segments. Then EA created target groups of similar segments and described them using PRIZM data linked to survey research from sources like PMB and BBM RTS Canada. The revealing portraits of each target group detailed who the bikers are, how they live, what they think about and, most important, where more could be found.


With eight target groups defined, Deeley’s Marketing Strategy team advised dealers on how to connect with each. To attract Freewheeling Families—middle-class households whose adults have high school educations—dealers emphasized their ties to the community, recruited women riders for the sales team and prominently displayed the bikes that women like best. EA ranked each dealer’s trade area for growth based on their target group composition and helped Deeley better target its active direct marketing program. This past spring, the company sent out 40,000 pieces of direct mail inviting current customers and prospects to their local dealerships with differentiated offers: a free tire valve cap for current owners, a Harley-logo key chain for prospects. The campaign proved a resounding success: Deeley’s response rate was an impressive 7.5 percent. “Our mission is to deliver intelligence to our retailer network to help them understand their customer base,” says marketing strategy director Dom Bovalino. “And this project has really given them greater insight into the riders and potential riders in their local communities.”